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BIA and J. Cole Share Video for New Song “London”: Watch

BIA's new single’s visual is a lavish London excursion, the new track and video features J. Cole.

J. Cole Joins BIA On New Single “LONDON”

The North Carolina-bred spitter teamed up with the Los Angeles-based artist BIA on Friday (April 8) to drop a new single called “London.”

The “Whole Lotta Money” rapper Bia is back with a new single. “London” is a collaboration with J. Cole. In the the Daps-directed video─BIA’s latest single is produced by AzizTheShake, Jon Glass and Tim.

The music video for the song appropriately takes place in the capital of England, staying true to the London theme of the song, J. Cole frequently adopts a British accent and incorporates various UK references and slang throughout his guest verse.

“Balenciaga for joggers, I might just wear Crocs at the O2 Arena,” he raps. “Splendid, got no limits, should have a tank on my pendant/Blokes goin’ broke tryna keep up with Cole but I make it back soon as I spend it/Maybach tinted, ‘Excuse me sir, but ain’t that rented?’/I’m offended, straight cash for my Benzes, we don’t pay back interest.”

Check out the music video for BIA and J. Cole’s “London” down below, and stream the song on all major platforms.

Following its release, the Dreamville founder posted the visual on his Instagram and revealed he was “blown away” the first time he heard the song, which was actually a while before he added his own verse.

“I damn near didn’t even wanna put this clip up cuz I need everybody to hear this shit PURE. How I heard it!” he wrote. “I Asked BIA to come through the studio for some whole other shit. First time meeting her. We chop it up. She plays me this new song she had just did. Mannnnnnn 🤯🤯🤯🤯 in that moment I was blown away.”

Cole continued, “I thought about this song for a month straight, it was my favorite song and I only heard it one time. She hit me recently and sent me the song (she musta knew I wanted to hear it again!!!) and I was just grateful to have it in my possession.”

“When the thought and conversation came up about me adding a verse, I was excited but genuinely nervous cuz I didn’t even see how the song could be better after what she did to it,” he explained. “I didn’t want to fuck nothing up! I’m grateful I Ended up catching the right wave.”

Cole went on thank BIA for the opportunity to hop on the track. “Thank you @bia for having me on this record with you, love this shit and love your energy and spirit. Bia ft cole – ‘London’ out now. Peace.”

She replied and thanked Cole for his blessings! “🥺😢🧡mannnn thank you soo much it’s a HONOR fr!!! 🐐 We gang now & we love n appreciate u more than u kno 🔐✊🏾💯”

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