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Big Sean covered in 65,000 Bees in new Video “What A Life” Watch

Detroit rapper stated before releasing the music video, “This not photoshopped neither.”

Big Sean and super producer Hit-Boy teamed up for new single “What A Life”

Big Sean returns with a new single in collaboration with Hit-Boy. This one’s called “What a Life” and it follows his previous Hit-Boy collaborations from the past year, Babyface Ray’s “It Ain’t My Fault” and Freddie Gibbs’ “4 Thangs.” It’s Sean’s first new single as lead artist in 2021, too. Watch the “What a Life” music video—directed by Joe Weil and featuring Big Sean covered in bees—below.

“Only get one life, swear I almost died twice/I went triple platinum more than three times, what a life, man,” he raps during the first chorus. Sean also pays tribute to his hometown of Chicago, rapping, “I’m at Ford Field like a tight-end/And I’m makin’ sure all my loose ends tied and/I’m in love with the hustle so it’s never tied-ins.”

Taking to his official Instagram account lastnight, Big Sean shared two pictures of him where he was seen all covered in bees.

He revealed that he just wanted to tell his fans that all the bees seen in the image were real and were not any graphic effects. Sean also added that even if in the song he said 100B’s, he actually had 65,000 bees on him. Social media users soon logged into Twitter as they wondered if Big Sean had lost his mind for pulling off an insane stunt like this.

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