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Boosie Badazz announces New IG Account after calling Mark Zuckerberg “a Racist” over 2nd deletion

Boosie Badazz launches new Instagram account. “@HesBackAgain2021”

Boosie Badazz calls Mark Zuckerberg racist after Instagram deletes his account again

Boosie BadAzz was booted from Instagram again this weekend and is now taking the fight to Facebook co-founder and Instagram co-owner Mark Zuckerberg,

It’s no secret that Instagram had Boosie Badazz on a short leash after violating several community guidelines. But now, Boosie believes the platform and its owner, Mark Zuckerberg, is racist for removing his page again. On (March 28) Boosie was forced to return to Twitter. There he sent a message aimed at Mark Zuckerberg.

Boosie Badazz says he's back on Instagram with a new username after being kicked off the platform, "My New Ig @HesBackAgain2021 I’m Live Now," he announced Sunday night.


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