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Charlamagne Hits People With "Donkey Of The Day" Who Got Easily Distracted Lil Wayne Endorsed Trump

Charlamagne Tha God gives out Donkey Of The Day's for everyone who got easily distracted Lil Wayne Endorsed Donald Trump.

Lil' Wayne Endorses Donald Trump After A 'Great Meeting'

The Young Money boss shared a Twitter photo of him standing next POTUS while giving the thumbs-up sign. Weezy claimed he just had a "great meeting" with Trump about his administration's plan to help the Black community. Wayne praised Trump's work on criminal justice reform and highlighted the so-called "Platinum Plan," an Ice Cube-assisted initiative that will purportedly put billions of dollars into black communities.

Lil' Wayne Endorsed Donald Trump To Distract All Of You!

Watch the audio above of the Breakfast Club!


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