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Coach Prime takes Lil Wayne on Colorado Football Facility Tour

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Lil Wayne shocked by CU’s lockeroom as longtime friend Coach Prime offers late night tour.

Lil Wayne Spends Time Visiting Deion Sanders In Colorado

Lil Wayne touring the Colorado football facilities with the head coach ‘Prime’

“Coach Prime” Deion Sanders has been able to quickly improve the quality of talent headed to Boulder, Colorado since he arrived as the new UC-Boulder head coach.

This week Deion brought his longtime partner Lil Wayne to Boulder for a private tour of the University of Colorado football facilities. Staff members and players got to watch as one of the most iconic rappers in the game, Lil Wayne, got a VIP tour from Deion Sanders.

As Weezy walks with Primetime, he gets sidetracked and asks, “Wait... Is this a f—king locker room?” Wayne said.

Once he gets clarity, he says, “Come on, man ... It's gonna be hard for them to feel bad after a loss”

Weezy continued. “I'ma let you know that now ... before you start dealing with them”

Here’s a video of the tour from Sanders’ son Deion Jr.

And here’s another video of the tour from Sanders’ nephew Darius.


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