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DaBaby reacts to Media trying to Cancel him following Unseen “2018 Walmart Footage” surfaces

DaBaby responds to surfaced Unseen video of deadly 2018 shooting at a North Carolina Walmart.

DaBaby Believes the Elites Is Out to Get Him

Rolling Stone obtained footage contradicting the rapper's claim of self-defense─2018 shooting death incident inside Walmart in Huntersville. The footage can be seen here.

On Sunday (April 24), out of nowhere Rolling Stone posted previously unreleased security footage of DaBaby's 2018 altercation that left 19-year-old Jaylin Craig dead. The "Rockstar" rapper, born Jonathan Kirk, reportedly faced a charge of carrying a concealed weapon following the shooting, but was never prosecuted for Craig's death.

The New security camera footage of the incident, which contains no sound, begins with the Charlotte rapper appearing to be confronted by two individuals: Jaylin Craig and Henry Douglas. A physical altercation breaks out between DaBaby and Douglas after Baby punches Douglas. Craig can be seen appearing to brandish a weapon in the background, but then tucks it away.

DaBaby and Douglas' brawl leads to another camera angle, which shows them both struggling upright against each other. Craig then walks over to them, appearing to reach for a weapon a second time before attempting to break the rapper and Craig apart. DaBaby's then-girlfriend Mariah Osbourne confronts Craig, appearing at one point to raise her right hand up to his face as Baby and Douglas continue to struggle.

Walmart surveillance footage reviewed by Rolling Stone.

He posted a clip from Tyrese's tearful 2017 video, No disrespect to my boy Tyrese man but what y’all n***as got goin on bruh??” Dababy captioned reacted to the video. “Somebody behind the scenes on my ass ain’t it ?”

He continued his statement on Instagram Story. “N**as done took 30 million from me, lie on me once a week, want my fine ass BM’s to hate me, want me to lose fights I don’t start, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM MEEE?”

See DaBaby's post below.


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