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Dame Dash reminisces his relationship with Jay-Z, Biggs weighs in on 'Reasonable Doubt'

On (June, 25) Yesterday 'Reasonable Doubt' dropped 23 years ago. Hov had the vision from the beginning.

Hip-hop's first billionaire came from humble beginnings. Yet never did Jay-Z falter, be it as a hustler on the streets or an emerging young lyricist behind the mic. A student of Jaz-O's mentorship, Jay found himself a kindred spirit in Dame Dash. Together, the two men embarked on the path to forge an empire, though they might not have even fathomed the scope of their eventual impact. Twenty-three years ago, on June 25th 1996, the Jigga Man's debut album arrived into the world.

Dame Dash weighs in 'Reasonale Doubt' album @duskopoppington

"Put out my first independent album 23 years ago today"

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