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Drake’s Mom gets emotional on stage as he performs “Look What You’ve Done” at NYC concert

Drake and his mother, Sandi Graham, sit on a couch together as he performs “Look What You’ve Done” from his 2011 album, Take Care, to her.

Drake brings his Mom onstage for Madison Square Garden Concert

Drake dedicates ‘Look What You've Done’ to Mom at Madison Square Garden.

On Tuesday (July 25), Drizzy paid tribute to his mom sit next to him on the couch set up to open his second night at Madison Square Garden for his tour with 21 Savage.

Second of three nights at Madison Square Garden. Drizzy performed “Look What You’ve Done” while sat next to his mother on a couch in the middle of the stage.

From the 2011’s album Take Care, is dedicated to his mother, Sandi Graham, along with his uncle, Steve.


Momma Graham nodded her head to the song while Drake turned to her and said, “You love me and I love you,” before embracing one another with a hug. Drake then filled his mother with tears as he continued repeating the phrase, “Look what you've done.” The emotional moment caused a roar and applause amongst the crowd.

Watch the heartfelt moment below:

The track is a reflection of how Drake’s loved ones helped jumpstart his career, with his mom being one of the people to get a special dedication in the lyrics, seeing him perform it at MSG made her cry.

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