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Eminem addresses Billboard’s ranking him No. 5 on Greatest Rappers List in New Single “Tobey”

Updated: Jul 3

Eminem is still mad at Billboard's greatest rappers of all-time list ranking him ‘No. 5’

The Detroit rap legend on Billboard's Top 50 Greatest Rappers List: “Just know inside/ To me that sh*t’s hilarious”

Eminem has responded again to his placement on Billboard’s controversial “50 Greatest Rappers of All Time” list, which saw him ranked at No. 5.

Last February of 2023, Billboard ranked the 50 greatest rappers of all time, a list that no one had any problems with, and everyone agreed with. Everyone except Eminem, that is. He was placed at five, one slot ahead of The Notorious B.I.G. and behind only Tupac (No. 4), Nas (No. 3), Kendrick Lamar (No. 2), and Jay-Z (No. 1), but on “Tobey,” his new song with Big Sean and Babytron, Eminem voiced his displeasure with the ranking.

“I got so many stories, but I hate ceilings / Ain’t feelin’ your top five favorite rappers / So I know they ’bout to be pissed at me,” he raps on the track. “But this, to me, is a mystery / How rappers I’ve already ripped could be / Higher up on a list than me / Yet here I sit on your list though at five, wished it was fine / But just know inside, to me, that sh*t’s hilarious.”

Eminem also addressed Melle Mel, on “Tobey,” who thinks Em is only considered a top-five rapper because he’s white. “So when I get dissed though and by a pioneer who was one of the reasons why I am here / They tell me I should just let that shit go and slide / ‘Melle Mel shouldn’t get no reply’ / ‘That man is a legend,’ bitch, so am I,” Em raps.

Take a Listen to “Tobey” featuring Big Sean and Babytron below.


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