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ESPN gets called out after mistaken Future for 2 Chainz in March Madness IG Post

ESPN mistakes 2 Chainz As Future, Fans Go In.

ESPN is getting dragged after they confused Future with 2 Chainz

February has officially come to an end, meaning the annual March Madness tournament is just a few weeks away. But it seems as though ESPN may have been a little too eager for it to begin as they confused two very different rappers in a social media post.

ESPN made the mistake of using a photo of 2 Chainz instead of Future in one of their now-deleted Instagram posts on Monday (March 1). The post was up for only a few hours but that was plenty of time for it to be seen by thousands of people. Screenshots of the post flooded Twitter, and people began dragging ESPN over the confusion.

The incident led many to call for ESPN to diversify their social media team.

Check out some of the best reactions to the 2 Chainz-Future mix-up below.


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