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Fans Think Jay-Z Threatens Dame Dash on New Song “Love All” off Drake's ‘Certified Lover Boy’

Hov appeared on Drake’s Certified Lover Boy seemly dissed longtime rival on the track “Love All.”

Fans question whether or not Jay-Z is dissing Damon Dash on the 'Love All' track ‘CLB’

Jay-Z was featured both Kanye West’s Donda and Drake’s Certified Lover Boy. After years of trading subliminal shots between Hov and Drizzy and Hov and Ye have seemed to dead their long-standing tension in recent years.

However, Fans believe Hov dissed former manager and ex-business partner at Roc-A-Fella and Rocawear "Damon Dash" and hip-hop mogul during his verse on "Love All" off of Drizzy's new album, Certified Lover Boy. The Brooklyn rap mogul refers to anonymous "Internet talker," and claims he knows his whereabouts which has left fans theorizing who the mysterious person in question may be.

“Best thing I can do is not build with you/When I could destroy you, that takes some fuckin’ discipline/I could send a team to come drill you/I got a billion or two and I know where the fuck you live,” Jay-Z raps on the new track.

“This ain’t the same Shawn that you knew once/

I don’t shine shoes, uh, this ain’t what you want, no

All that back and forth on the internet/

Nigga, we don’t tennis that, y’all gotta do something, yeah,”

Jay-Z verse on “Love All.”

Check out fans' reactions to Jay's "Love All" verse below.

Is Jay-Z subbing Dame on “Love All”?


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