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Floyd Mayweather, Adrien Broner, And Kodak Black Doesn't Care About The Gucci Boycott

Kodak, Broner is taking the Mayweather approach to Gucci.

Gucci made international headlines this past week after a sweater resembling blackface was met with some well-deserved scrutiny. Celebrities and athletes took to Twitter saying they would boycott the brand and no longer give Gucci their business. Well, yesterday Floyd Mayweather made it clear that he doesn't care about the boycott at all, and now it seems his fellow boxer Adrien Broner is taking the exact same approach. TMZ Sports spoke to Broner about Gucci where he commented on his feelings, or lack there of, concerning the controversy.

"I don't care! It's just a sweater! Why's everyone getting so bent out of shape about it?!" Broner said.

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