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Floyd Mayweather praises Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving “free mind & never be controlled by money”

Floyd Mayweather has declared his support for NBA star Kyrie Irving as Nets point guard refusal to get vaccinated, praising the basketball player's "free mind."

Floyd Mayweather backs Kyrie Irving amid vaccine fallout: 'America is the land of the free'

Irving is currently banned from playing NBA games in New York due to their mandatory vaccination stance, and the boxing legend Floyd Mayweather has come to the defense of the Brooklyn Nets superstar.

The 50-0 former boxing champ posted a minute-long video on Monday (October 25), He took to social media speaking directly to Irving, reading a statement applauding the point guard's decision and in his caption, Mayweather penned a lengthy message where he spoke about the freedom of choice.

"You only want to be treated fair ... You [are] a great person, great father, great athlete, and you believe what you believe," he told Irving. "America is the land of the free: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and, supposedly, freedom to choose ... I respect you for having some integrity and for being your own man."

In Mayweather's video commended Kyrie Irving for being a man of "integrity" and he stated that he respected the basketball star for standing on his principles. Watch the clip and read through Mayweather's caption up top.


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