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Floyd Mayweather says he's down to Fight 50 Cent in exhibition “I don't care about weight class”

Floyd Mayweather to 50 Cent: I'll Beat Your Ass Too"

Floyd Mayweather wants to have an exhibition boxing match with Jake Paul and 50 Cent this year as well

During his appearance on V-103’s “The Morning Culture” on Friday (Jan. 29) the rap mogul was asked who he would like to face off with in a celebrity boxing match and his former friend came to mind.

“I’d fight Floyd if I could get down there,” said 50, who has his reservations about taking on the boxing champ. “I don’t think I can make weight though.”

50 noted that Floyd usually fights around 150 pounds, but he wouldn’t be able to match his weight. “I tried, I looked like a homeless person,” says 50, who dropped to 160 pounds for his role in the 2011 movie Things Fall Apart.

However, he thinks he could get down to 180 pounds, which is closer in weight to Floyd’s next opponent, Logan Paul, who fights around 190 pounds. Floyd and Logan’s highly-anticipated boxing match was set for Feb. 20, but has been postponed due to COVID.


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