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George Floyd Memorial Fund Raises more than $2 Million in a day

A GoFundMe campaign to help the family of George Floyd, a black man who died this week after a white Minneapolis police officer forcefully kneeled on his neck during his arrest, has surpassed two million in under a day.

GoFundMe for George Floyd family quickly surpasses 2 MILLION

According to fundraiser page, the GoFundMe was set up by Floyd’s brother, Philonise Floyd. Created the page Wednesday midday, two days after footage the footage of George's arrest emerged. Philonise Floyd wrote that the fund was “established to cover funeral and burial expenses and to assist my family in the days to come as we continue to seek justice for George.”

“On May 25, 2020, my life shattered as I learned of the tragic passing of my dear brother, George,” the page reads. “My family and I watched in absolute horror as the now infamous and horrifying video began to spread quickly throughout social media.” “What we saw on that tape left us shell shocked; a white Minneapolis police officer kneeling directly on my brother's neck, obstructing his ability to breathe,” he added. 

George Floyd died during a police arrest in Minneapolis on Monday.


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