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Gervonta Davis on Rolando Romero: “A KO is just a lucky shot... I want to beat him up bad”

Gervonta Davis confirms this is the last fight of his deal with Mayweather Promotions.

Gervonta Davis Pushes Rolando Romero Off Stage at Weigh-In: ‘He Talks Too Much’

Gervonta Davis and Rolando Romero are set to face-off Saturday (May 28), on Showtime pay-per-view from inside Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York., and the two gave a preview of what’s to come during Friday’s weigh-in.

Two Undefeated rivals came in under the 135 pound limit for their lightweight class, and when they posed next to each other for the cameras they clashed when Davis appeared to push Romero.

In footage of the moment, Romero can be seen falling off the stage without losing too much of his balance. He then jumps back on the stage in an attempt to confront Davis, but is held back as everyone attempted to stop them from getting physical. Watch the altercation and Showtime boxing interview below, or see how it unfolded during the weigh-in in full here.

In an interview after the weigh-in, as see at this point of Showtime’s stream, Davis said with a smile, “I just hit him, like, on the edge of the stage. I just pushed him, like, to get in his head. He talks too much.” He was asked what he thought about his opponent, and said that he looked “ready” for the fight on Saturday. "I always want to feel my opponent out, and I know that he’s got punching power, so I’m definitely going to learn his power and what his best things are before I try to take him out," he said.

Romero also spoke about the moment, but appeared to find the situation funny overall. “Motherfucker pushed me, as simple as that,” Romero laughed. “He’s scared! He’s afraid, I’m a fuckin’ alpha compared to him. He’s a bitch for that. He could have fucked up the fight, I could have twisted an ankle or some shit. But I got some crazy-ass reflexes.”


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