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Happy 26 Birthday, to Bobby Shmurda!

Bobby Shmurda Turns 26; Best Gift Of All Still To Come.

Bobby's Parole Hearing Set for Mid-August.

Bobby Shmurda’s Parole Hearing Scheduled For This Month

Today, (Aug. 4) is the birthday of Brooklyn-rapper Bobby Shmurda celebrates his 26th birthday today, with hopes of it being his last behind bars.

Though very green in the game, Shmurda found early success in his rap career when his debut song "Hot Nigga" became a viral summer anthem in 2014. Complete with a guerilla style music video shot on the streets of Brooklyn and a goofy, easy-to-follow dance move to accompany it, "Hot Nigga" peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 and Bobby was soon signed to Epic Records off the certified platinum single.

Bobby Shmurda'S Mom wishes her Son a last Happy Birthday in prison [via] last one in. The streets are definitely ready.

Bobby Shmurda got some good birthday news. According to Complex reports, the 26-year-old Brooklyn rapper, born Ackquille Jean Pollard, had his parole hearing bumped up to the week of August 17, 2020. Shmurda’s original earliest parole eligibility was December 11, 2020 but due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many New York State inmates are having their eligibility pushed forward by a few months.

“Mr. Pollard is currently scheduled to appear before the Board of Parole the week of August 17, 2020,” a Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS) official told Complex. “The Board of Parole has two weeks from the date of the interview with the incarcerated individual to render a decision.”


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