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Happy 44 Birthday, to Floyd Mayweather!

Floyd Mayweather Jr. celebrated his birthday in style by throwing a star-studded bash in Miami, Florida.

Inside Floyd Mayweather’s 44th birthday bash with models in skin-tight silver outfits & legend arriving in £2m Bugatti

Celebrating his forty-fourth birthday on February 24, the championship boxer decided to get a head start on the festivities, ringing in his birthday week with a ton of celebrity guests at a crazy-looking party in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and of course Miami, Florida. Arriving in his $2 million Bugatti, Floyd joined the lavish ball at The Venue with Rick Ross, who he chopped it up with, surely bonding over their joint hatred of one man in particular: 50 Cent

Additionally, Floyd ensured the event was a true extravaganza, with one of his cakes featuring a motif of dollar bills with his face adorned upon them, a private jet and a Louis Vuitton-inspired trunk made of icing.


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