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J. Cole drops new song 'Snow On Tha Bluff'

The North Carolina star speaks out on many of the current issues facing our community right now.

J. Cole has released a new song titled "Snow on tha Bluff."

"Snow On tha Bluff." 

"I scrolled through her timeline in these wild times and I started to read/She mad at these crackers, she mad at these capitalists, mad at these murder police/ She mad at my n*ggas, she mad at our ignorance, she wear her heart on her sleeve/She mad at the celebrities, low key I be thinkin she talking bout me," Cole raps on the track.

J. Cole responds to Minneapolis police disbanding plans

“This change is inevitable but ain’t none of us seen this before, therefore we just gotta learn everything as we go/

I struggle with thoughts on the daily, feel like a slave that somehow done saved enough coins to buy his way up outta slavery/

Thinkin’ just maybe, in my pursuit to make life so much better for me and my babies, I done betrayed the very same people that look at me like I’m some kind of a hero/

Because of the zeros that’s next to the commas, but look here I promise I’m not who you think.../”


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