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Jay-Z reportedly Spoke to Kaepernick About New NFL Partnership

Jay-Z Spoke to Kaepernick This Week About New NFL Partnership

Jay-Z, NFL Commissioner Discuss Partnership, Say They’ve Spoken With Colin Kaepernick

Jay-Z will work with the NFL to promote social justice issues off the field while his Roc Nation will co-produce Super Bowl halftime shows in a deal announced this week. In this video below, Tiki Barber Says he was in the NFL meeting at Roc nation w/ Jay-Z and talks about Colin Kaepernick .


Colin Kaepernick raised his hand on Wednesday to point to the cause at the center of attention — social justice.

The video shows footage of police violence, statements from family members of victims of police violence and media coverage of Kaepernick’s protests.

“How can you stand for the national anthem of the nation that preaches and propagates freedom and justice for all that is so unjust to so many of the people living there?,” Kaepernick says in introducing the the video.


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