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NFL, Jay-Z, Roc Nation Team Up on Music and Social Justice Campaign

The NFL is forming "an entertainment and social justice partnership" with Jay-Z and Roc Nation, according to Mark Maske of the Washington Post.

The NFL and Jay-Z will form a partnership where the rapper will assist in managing the league's entertainment while also working with the league's social justice initiatives.

According to the New York Times' Ken Belson and Ben Sisario, the partnership is expected to be officially announced Wednesday.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told the New York Times earlier this week that the league is looking to put itself in the best position moving forward.

"We don't want people to come in and necessarily agree with us; we want people to come in and tell us what we can do better," Goodell said. "I think that's a core element of our relationship between the two organizations, and with Jay and I personally."

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell certainly left the door open for that possibility.

“He was very quick to say that he does not want this to be about him performing, that it was broader than that,” Goodell told The Washington Post. “It quickly went beyond that. Do I hope he’ll perform in the Super Bowl sometime in the next several years? Yes. But I think we’ll all know if that time comes. He’ll know in particular.”


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