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JAY-Z's & his Legal Team calling out Feds for denying Inmate release due to leftover chicken

JAY-Z and Team Roc are calling out federal prosecutors for denying a guy named Valon Vailes' who's serving a 20-year prison sentence─from 2007 for conspiracy to possess marijuana with the intent to distribute more than a ton of marijuana.

JAY-Z And Team Roc Reportedly Frustrated With Federal Prosecutors For Refusing To Release Valon Vailes From Prison Over Leftover Chicken.

Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter and Team Roc are calling out federal prosecutors for denying Valon Vailes' release after he attempted to sneak leftover chicken into his cell.

Last September in 2021, Jay-Z petitioned a judge to release a man who’s serving a 20-year prison sentence for marijuana. Now it’s been revealed that Vailes, 56, won’t walk free due to minor prison offenses. Valon Vailes has served 14 years since being sentenced in 2007.

TMZ reports on Tuesday (January 11), that new court documents show federal prosecutors won’t release Vailes partially because they say he took leftover chicken from the dining area to his cell.

Team Roc attorney Alex Spiro adds that Vailes received another offense for using his prison uniform to work out.

In the video below, Attorney Spiros told TMZ “They’re not looking at him like a human being, and they never were”

He added. “An African American man who gets a 20-year sentence for weed. That same case handled by different lawyers, with different jurisdiction, if there was more empathy for the person being charged, if he was whiter, if he was different in a number of ways, maybe he gets five [years], maybe he gets eight. Who knows.”


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