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Jemele Hill Asks Snoop Dogg Thoughts On Suge Knight, Will There Ever Be a Death Row Movie

Jemele Hill chopped it up with West Coast Legend on Jemele Hill is Unbothered Podcast.

Will a movie documenting the infamous Death Row Records era of hip-hop in the 90s ever make it to the big screen?

Snoop Dogg Shares Thoughts On Death Row Movie

Snoop Dogg explains why so many feared the Death Row Records head honcho. The hip-hop legend also shares details about his relationship with The Notorious B.I.G., why the west coast vs east coast beef spiraled out of control and his thoughts on what might have happened to Death Row if Tupac were still alive.

Snoop Dogg shares his thoughts on a potential movie about the 90s hip-hop empire. Plus, the hip-hop legend gives us insight into his relationship with Tupac and the prediction the deceased rapper once made while they parasailed together in Belize.


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