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Jim Jones Draws Inspiration From CNN when Riots and Looting first started on George Floyd's Tribute

Jim Jones on George Floyd's Tribute Taking Inspiration From CNN.

Jim Jones shared Inspiration tribute to George Floyd: ‘THE PEOPLE’

The world is in pain after the murder of George Floyd. The show was paused on Black Out last Tuesday but now, people are back to using their voices through music to communicate the community's emotions. 

The hip-hop Dipset veteran has come through this week and revealed how he came up with “The People” Watching CNN first four days when protesting and the riots started, And just look at the screen soaking up everything that was going on and see how the people was mobilizing see how the country was mobilizing” [Jones said]

Listen to Jim Jones' latest musical release below.

Kaep took a knee, but I think it’s time to take a stand, that crooked cop put his knee on the neck of a sacred man / We still searching for equal rights inside this racist land, it all started when Columbus docked here to take the land / With the spirits of the Haitians, we take the power or the land back … every time we dig our way out, we sinking like a sand trap,” he raps.


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