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Jim Jones saves his photographer life by using CPR after the guy collapsed

The Diplomats member learned CPR at the age of twelve.

Jim Jones Reportedly Gave CPR To His Choking Photographer, Saved His Life | Inside Edition

Jim Jones is being hailed a hero, recently when his photographer and friend Jerry “Flee Flicks” Flete suffered a medical emergency while working in Florida. Speaking to Inside Edition.

Jimmy and photographer friend Jerry “Flee Flicks” Flete spoke with Inside Edition about the harrowing event in a segment that aired on Sunday (Jan. 2). According to the men, the incident happened during a recent trip to Florida for a cryptocurrency event for the rapper's Capo Coin.

Jim said he was alerted about the situation when his partner, Doug, called for him frantically.

“I just saw Flee sitting, just going through something that didn’t seem good like he was choking,” Jones said. “He couldn’t breathe, and his eyes was going back in his head, and he was catching a bit of a seizure. I actually didn’t know what was going on. Kind of scared me.”

The Harlem rapper jumped into action and used skills he learned as kid. "When I was younger," he continued. "I had to take these classes for CPR and all that type of things for my little sister who has a heart condition. They needed the whole family to take these special classes before she came home when she was a baby."

it remains unclear exactly what caused Flete to begin choking, although he's vowed to take his health more seriously following the scare, revealing that he's been "eating better and hitting the gym," a decision that Jones has likely co-signed, as he's something of a health nut himself.

Flete added, “I didn’t know what was going on at the moment,” Jerry explained. “I guess everything happened so fast. But I had an out-of-body experience. I felt like I was telling myself to come back to myself. Then I just, I guess when I snapped out of it, Jim was giving me chest compressions. The first person I woke up to was just Jim. He was holding me. I was sitting down. It happened while I was sitting down, so Jim was over me, hugging over me, I guess giving me chest compressions. That’s how I started breathing.”

The Harlem rapper took to his Instagram on Sunday to reveal the news.

“Love u @flee_flicks but u scared th Shit out of me,” he wrote. “God is good who else gone capture me when I b havin th Shit on lol. On a serious note I encourage everyone to get cpr lessons for u n th family.”


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