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JUST IN: Former 2x Heavyweight Champion “Shannon Briggs” announced he's Fighting Iron Mike Tyson

Shannon Briggs discussed surprise phone call from Iron Mike exclusively news on Damon Dash Instagram account.

Brownsville vs. Brownsville: Mike Tyson the king and himself the prince, calls Briggs to fight a legend from his neighborhood.

Boxing fans all over the world may be in for a great ride after two-time heavyweight champion of the world Shannon Briggs revealed some truly shocking news.

It's no longer a rumor Brooklyn native Shannon Briggs making a comeback to Fight Mike Tyson after a surprise phone call from Iron Mike himself, “The Cannon” Briggs says in IG video below: —"I just got off the phone with Mike / He said it's a go: (Dame Dash) tells him when: "WE working on that now"

Instagram Post by @duskopoppington:

@cannon_briggs just made an announcement that he's going to fight @miketyson


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