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Kanye West Discusses Cardi B Collaboration, ‘Donda 2’ and More

The full interview between Kanye West and Jason Lee has been released.

Kanye West Tells Cardi B That He Always Believed In Her Since ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Days

Three weeks ago, Page Six reported, earlier in January that Kanye and Cardi were linking up at Miami’s Balenciaga store to shoot a music video.

The Chicago-bred mogul revealed he was recently finishing up a verse for Cardi B and opened up about how much he appreciated the Bronx rapper. Ye has started work on the sequel to his 10th studio album Donda, and he and Cardi are teaming up.

“I was finishing that verse for your girl,” he said in reference to Cardi and brought up how he’s been a fan since her Love & Hip Hop days. “I always believed in her since she was on the show, period.”

The Hollywood Unlocked founder Jason Lee talked about how he was at dinner with both Cardi B and Kanye a few days ago when Kanye called the “WAP” rapper his hero because she “can say whatever she wants and not get judged.

Lee then pointed out that Ye and Cardi are very similar in comparison to how the public treats them – no matter what they say, they're either going to be highly praised for their actions and words or brutally ripped apart and criticized.

Check out Kanye West's full conversation with Jason Lee in the video below.

Hollywood Unlocked founder Jason Lee gets to hear Kanye West and Cardi B new collaboration and shared his thoughts on it.

“I heard all his new music I'm not going to talk about,” Jason Lee said.

He continued. “I did hear the song with him and Cardi I just got off the phone with Cardi to tell that I heard it”


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