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Kanye West Reportedly Plans to Meet With Michael Jordan, Potential Collab: Jumpman × Yeezy

Marcus Jordan want to set up a meeting with Michael Jordan and Kanye West.

Kanye West aka “YE” Hints At a Potential Meeting And Collab With Jordan Brand

Ye took to Instagram on Friday, revealed how Michael Jordan's son Marcus Jordan wanted to set up a meeting the idea of a potential link-up between Yeezy and MJ in an Instagram comment seemingly orchestrated by a mutual friend in DJ Khaled.

During Kanye's recent Miami visit to record with DJ Khaled, MJ’s son Marcus hopped into Khaled’s Instagram comments to propose a meeting between the faces of the Yeezy and Jordan brands. “Let’s make that convo happen,” Marcus wrote, tagging Khaled. “Kanye West and pops.”

Kanye and his Yeezy sneakers are famously tied to Adidas, so it's unclear what Kanye is planning on doing when it comes to his shoe brand.

Kanye reposted the Air Jordan logo to his Instagram on Friday (January 21) with the following slide featuring Marcus Jordan’s comments teasing a Yeezy-Jordan union.

“Let’s make that convo happen @DJKhaled @KanyeWest & Pops … IT’S A NEW YEARRRR. NEW TEETH, NEW STORES, NEW WATCHES, NEW WHIP

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