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Kanye West says the Elite's & Mainstream media cannot control him: “They can control Shaq, Barkley”

Kanye West claims LeBron James, Shaq, Jay-Z and Beyonce all puppets being ‘controlled’

Kanye West aka “YE” calls out Shaq, Charles Barkley, LeBron James, Jay-Z & Beyoncé in Rant: “They Can Control Them But They Can't Control Me.”

YE says he can’t be controlled and mother was sacrificed.

In a newly interview that surfaced on Twitter, Friday (November 11). West claps back at Shaq, Charles Barkley, and Louis Farrakhan. He also names Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and LeBron.

According to Ye, he’s the only person they can’t control:

“They can’t control me,” Kanye said. “They can control Shaq, they can control Charles Barkley, they can control LeBron James, they can control Jay-Z & Beyoncé, but they can’t control me.”

By “they,” it’s safe to assume Kanye was referring to the mainstream media. Or perhaps the government. Or maybe the Illuminati?

The embattled hip-hop mogul then dropped a major conspiracy theory about people going missing in Hollywood. According to West, his own mom was one of these victims, which also includes Michael Jordan’s dad, Dr. Dre’s son, and Bill Cosby’s son:

“YE” ended his rant by stating that the reason behind his ability to speak his truths is that he hasn’t murdered anyone in the past:

“My mama was sacrificed,” West said. “… In Hollywood, a lot of people come up missing. It feels like it might be a lot of that in order to control, traumatize. They wanna monetize and traumatize.”

YE has been in a social media war with Shaquille O’Neal for quite some time. The duo has been attacking each other through various posts and comments. The verbal dispute first began when Shaq criticized Kyrie Irving for posting a movie link on Twitter which was labeled antisemitic. West was one of the few who supported Irving. Therefore, West called out Shaq by bringing forth the latter’s business relations with billionaire Jamie Slater. Hence, began their Twitter feud and it looks like the feud will remain for a little while.

On Thursday (November 3), West took to Twitter writing, “Shaq is in business with Jamie Salter,” a Canadian billionaire who is the CEO of Authentic Brands Group.

“Jaimie [sic] first said he’s 50/50 with David Beckham and 50/50 with Shaq I said ‘Jamie . . . There’s no such thing as 50/50 in business . . . Who has the extra 1 percent for the control and voting rights,'” West tweeted.

It didn’t take long for O’Neal to respond, telling the rapper in a reply tweet, “Believe me you don’t know me like that.

“Worry about your business, and to quote the once great Kanye west [sic] ‘I got more money than you, so why would i listen to you,'” the “NBA on TNT” analyst continued, telling West, “take my advice get your family business in order. Have a great day brother.”


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