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Kanye West shares his apology text to Soulja Boy after removing his verse from ‘Donda’

“Yo it’s Ye. Love you bro. I should have told you I wasn’t gonna use the verse,” Ye texted Soulja Boy.

Big Draco accepts ‘Ye’ apology in text message for being left off ‘Donda’

‘Ye’ apologizes to Soulja Boy for not telling him he wasn’t going to use his verse for Donda's “Remote Control” track.

Following Kanye West’s latest interview with Drink Champs part 1 he reveal that he took Soulja Boy off Donda because it wasn't good enough, Soulja Boy had some harsh words for Kanye after Drink Champs Podcast.

On Wednesday (November 10), Ye has posted a text exchange between the two where he apologized for not being honest with Soulja from the beginning.

The screenshot text message shows Kanye was the one who reached out to Soulja to make nice. He said, "Yo it's Ye. Love you bro. I should have told you I wasn't gonna use the verse."

Soulja responded, "Love you too bro. That's all I wanted."

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