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Kanye West teases snippet of New Song With DaBaby

Kanye West Releases Snippet of New Track featuring DaBaby.

Kanye West shares snippet of new collaboration with DaBaby

"Ye" has now shared a brief snippet of the collab in question, which is apparently a "Nah Nah Nah" remix with DaBaby. No word yet on when to expect an official release. Peep the clip below:

Early Monday morning (Oct. 19), ‘Ye posted an audio clip on Twitter, which features a skull wearing what appears to be a long white wig. After a voice yells "incoming" at the beginning of the track, Baby subtlety slides in and raps, "Let me get ‘em, 'Ye/They gon hate on me young nigga anyway/They only call me when they having bills to pay/Ain't nobody ask me how I feel today/I think about it and get in my feelings 'Ye/Wanna use me/They think I'm stupid/Shit that they put out is very confusing/Feel like the media is tryna abuse me."


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