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Kevin Hart links up with Catherine O’Hara Recreates ‘Home Alone’ For Chase’s Holiday Commercial

Kevin Hart plays Kevin McCallister in the spot, a role originally portrayed by Macaulay Culkin.

‘Home Alone’ returns in 31 seconds Chase’s Holiday Ad: Catherine O’Hara Loses Kevin (Hart)

Catherine O'Hara has teamed with Kevin Hart for a Home Alone-themed campaign.

Reminiscent of the movie where O'Hara loses track of her son, Kevin McCallister, she once again loses another Kevin, this time while Christmas shopping.

Hart gets so wrapped up in Chase Freedom Unlimited's accelerated earn benefits that get him 1.5 percent back on everyday purchases that he wanders off and a frantically searching O'Hara is forced to yell, you guessed it, "KEVINNNNNN!!!"


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