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Kodak Black Raps About Punching Yung Miami In The Stomach In New Freestyle From Jail

“And I bought Yung Miami a ring she wanted 808’s baby / When I see her I’m a hit that b*ch in her stomach / The way I keep this sh*t too real I’m f*ckin’ up my money.”

Kodak Black Drops Freestyle From Jail; Incites Response From Southside

The Florida rapper, who has been locked up since he was arrested in Miami at Rolling Loud back in May on gun-related charges, just dropped a new freestyle.

Kodak dialed a friend from jail to test out a freestyle. The verse begins by speaking about moving out of the projects and other influential events in his life. Kodak then moves to talking about Yung Miami, and he raps about wanting to hit her in the stomach for getting pregnant after he bought her a ring.

LISTEN: Kodak Black "Letter From Jail Freestyle" Took a shot At Yung Miami (Official Audio)

Southside heard the verse and had a short response for Kodak. “Somebody tell Kodak ‘suck a d*ck,'” he said. “How about that. And get up out of jail first, p*ssy.”


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