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Kodak Black's Attorneys Calls for Donald Trump to Release him from Prison

Kodak Black’s attorneys send petition to Trump asking to commute rapper’s prison sentence.

Kodak Black's Legal Team Reportedly Asks Trump to Commute Prison Sentence

The petition was submitted to Trump on Tuesday, Cohen confirmed to the Daily News.

In a new report TMZ-obtained petition sent to Trump by attorneys Bradford Cohen and Jonathan Schwartz, the legal team lists a number of issues they say justifies the request, including the length of Kodak's incarceration in comparison to others in similar situations. Additionally, Kodak's legal team is again calling attention to the fact that the artist should actually have been kept at a lower security facility this entire time.

The petition was submitted to Trump on Tuesday, Cohen confirmed to the Daily News.

The attorneys are also highlighting what they argue are unfairly harsh actions of punishment in connection with an incident involving a guard in Miami. The specific claims made in the aforementioned lawsuit—namely alleged physical abuse by guards, mental abuse, and religious suppression—are also mentioned in the lawyers' petition to Trump.

Adding to the legal team's reasoning are what they say are proven acts of good will by Kodak including donations to underprivileged kids. And while the TMZ report itself notes that this is indeed unlikely to go Kodak's way, one of the attorneys involved—Bradford Cohen—does have history Trump dating back to the failed steak salesman's Apprentice years.


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