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Kodak Black to Revoke Lil Pump's Florida card if continously acrylic nails, colorful toenails Antics

The Miami, Florida rapper gets a warning from Yak "I'ma block you"

Kodak Black sends a concerning Message to Lil Pump

On Friday (March 19), Lil Pump had the internet like "what the f—k are you doing.", The Florida rapper hit Instagram to show off a new pair of acrylic nails that he just got done.

"2021, this is all I'm rockin'," said Lil Pump while smoking a blunt in a new video. His pink and crystal nails were in plain view of the camera. "Don't copy me, please."

In the comments, on his Instagram Literally everybody is telling the rapper that they're not planning on copying him. "I'm unfollowing RightNow," said one of the top comments. "Thats not no rockstar sh*t," said another former fan, making reference to Pump's caption claiming that he's living a rockstar life.

Kodak Black, who has collaborated with Lil Pump in the past. He recent spoke out on IG live, Yak had to step-In on this one. He added that Lil Yachty paints his nails for fun but Pump seemed "serious" about his new long-nailed look. Watch the clip below.

"Look Pump. Hey, what's up Lil Pump? I'm mad at you lil' bruh," Kodak said during an Instagram Live session. "Don't be doing all that fingernail polish bullsh*t, man. Leave that for Lil Yachty, man. I'm sayin'? Don't do that sh*t Lil Pump. See, when Lil Yachty do that sh*t, he be like for fun though, when you do that sh*t Lil Pump, it's like you serious. Stop that sh*t Lil Pump. I'mma block you. I'mma block you over that sh*t."


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