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LeBron Asked Coach Mike Malone Could #TeamLeBron Go Watch The J. Cole Concert At The NBA All-Star

NBA All-Star 2019: Mike Malone lets Team LeBron watch J. Cole's performance under one condition

Mike Malone only allowed Team LeBron to watch J. Cole's halftime concert at the NBA All-Star Game on one condition.

Lakers star LeBron James asked Malone if his team could watch the show at the break. Malone jokingly agreed to allow it if the team picked up its defensive effort, according to ESPN.

"I'll let you go watch the J. Cole concert if you all get your a— back on transition (in the second half)," Malone said, via ESPN.

Team LeBron trailed by 13 at the half in the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday. But it pulled off an impressive comeback to claim a 178-164 victory.


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