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LeBron James family foundation plans to open ‘I Promise HealthQuarters’ medical center in Akron

LeBron James Family Foundation announces medical facility that will serve communities in Akron.

LeBron James to open a multimillion-dollar medical facility in his Ohio hometown

The Los Angeles Lakers four-time NBA champion continues to expand his community footprint in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.

On Tuesday (June 7), the LeBron James Family Foundation announced plans to open up the I Promise HealthQuarters, a primary care center that will offer medical, dental and optometry services, as well as physical and recreational activities.

"It takes a village to help raise a kid and make a true difference! Love my kids and their families!" the Los Angeles Lakers forward tweeted, as he shared news about the announcement.

Slated to open in 2023, the center, which will be located in walking distance of other I Promise institutions such as the I Promise School and I Promise Village, is partnering with local healthcare providers AxessPointe Community Health Centers, Coleman Health Services, and Peg’s Foundation to bring affordable healthcare and mental health services to Akron residents. The I Promise HealthQuarters will be housed at 533 W. Market Street.

The ‘I Promise HealthQuarters’ will offer:

• Medical

• Dental

• Optometry

• Mental Health

• Pharmaceutical

• Lab Services

“As we continue to listen and respond to what our families need, our work continues to expand in ways we never dreamed of,” Michele Campbell, who is the executive director of the LeBron James Family Foundation, said.

Campbell continued, “Access to affordable health care has always been a critical need for our families – and further heightened by the pandemic – so we began rallying our community to bring the experts together under one trusted roof. Being able to provide this important resource for the entire community is only possible because we have incredible partners that share our We Are Family philosophy.”


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