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Lil Wayne confirms Drake and Nicki Minaj ‘They’re Still My Artists’ on Young Money

Lil Tunechi's opens up during an in-depth interview with “CRWN” interview series aka Elliott Wilson.

Lil Wayne says Drake, Nicki Minaj still his Artists & Has Full Control of Young Money.

In the conversation, Lil Wayne discuss Young Money status:

“They still have their own thing and they’re still with me as well,” Wayne said. “They’ve always had their own thing. Now it’s just that they have the opportunity to let me make their own thing shine brighter than it has. They’re still my artist. Understand, but they have their own things as well, because now I’m in a position I’m in now I’m going to make sure whatever they want for themselves to be, [I’m] going to make sure it’s exactly as it should be.”

You can check out Lil Wayne’s entire interview with Elliott Wilson for TIDAL and CRWN here.

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