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Lil Wayne temporarily to Replace Shannon Sharpe as Co-Host on FS1 Undisputed

Could Lil Wayne be a future debate partner for Skip Bayless?

Skip Bayless Hint at the future of ‘Undisputed’ featuring Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is set to be involved “more than ever” in Skip Bayless’ FS1 Undisputed following Shannon Sharpe’s departure from the debate show earlier this month.

On Friday (June 30), Skip Bayless posted a clip from his recent episode of The Skip Bayless Show here he was answering fans' questions. One person asked, “Do you visit Lil Wayne once a week?” Bayless explained that he visits Wayne 3 to 4 times a year.

During Skip’s show via YouTube, He announced that Wayne will be “involved more than ever” in Undisputed going forward,” Skip said in the video at the bottom of this post. “So will Young Money. I love you, man. And I thank you for yet another very memorable Saturday.”

Bayless also detailed how much of a fan Lil Wayne is of Undisputed and FS1 as a whole. “The connection here is my wife, Ernestine, and I are endlessly fascinated by Wayne’s gift for recording and performing,” he continued. “Just as I believe he is unquenchably intrigued by behind-the-scenes at Undisputed.

“Other than Ernestine, I don’t know anybody, any human, that watches more Undisputed, for that matter, more FS1 than Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. does. I’m pretty sure he never misses an Undisputed.”


Skip hopped on his Instagram page, the Undisputed co-host posted a photo of himself embracing Lil Wayne at his mansion last weekend.

Skip wrote. “Ernestine and I just got back from spending a sun-blessed LA Saturday afternoon at Lil Wayne’s,” Bayless captioned his post to Instagram. “4 hours of the best conversation 3 humans could hope to have – on music, sports and life. Deep thoughts punctuated by big laughs. Love you, man.”

So there could be a little thread to pull with Lil Wayne coming on Undisputed, but we imagine that any decision on Bayless' partner will take some time.

It’s unclear what role Wayne will be taking on as Bayless is still yet to announce a full-time co-host sitting opposite himself at the Undisputed desk.


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