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Logan Paul adds extra 24/7 security after Floyd Mayweather's “kill you threat”:

Logan Paul reportedly hired 24/7 security team after brawl between Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather.

Jake Paul and Brother Logan Paul Order 24/7 Security After Floyd Mayweather Hat Brawl

The pre-fight press conference between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather broke out into a brawl last week when Logan's brother Jake Paul continuously antagonized the undefeated former boxing champion and stole his hat. The two were quickly broken up by security, but Mayweather could be heard shouting that he was going to "kill" Jake over the incident. Logan, however, isn't taking the threat lightly. It now looks like the Paul brothers aren't taking any chances with that threat.

Logan Paul told TMZ Sports on Monday he and his brother were adding additional security after Mayweather allegedly threatened to "kill" them during their pre-fight press conference. Logan Paul said he wasn’t taking any chances even if the threat was empty.

"Floyd's threatening to kill my brother, we're taking security precautions!" Logan Paul admitted to TMZ.

"He loved that hat. He loved it.

"Everywhere, at all times [we will have security]. When you have a guy with the resources and wealth that Floyd Mayweather has, and he's saying s*** like 'I'm gonna kill that motherf***** - kill!? death!?

"We take that s*** seriously, man."


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