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Ludacris Shows How He's So Atlanta’ Amid Debate Saying He isn’t From Atlanta in New Freestyle

Ludacris responds to female rappers Latto and Omeretta The Great: “We are stronger together”

Ludacris Unleashes “Sorry Not Sorry” 1-Minute Freestyle, Declares Himself ‘So Atlanta’ Amid Debate Over Who Can Claim City

The debate surrounding which rappers are allowed to claim Atlanta. On Saturday (March 26), the “Welcome to Atlanta” rapper — who proudly put the Georgia city on his back in the early 2000s — released a response to Omeretta The Great’s “Sorry Not Sorry” and Latto’s remix.

Via Instagram, Luda captioned the post containing the song: #WeAreStrongerTogether. Within the verse, Luda says he heard his name mentioned (in Latto's remix) and had to respond.

“I pop Atlanta/ Won’t let nobody mock Atlanta/ I brought millions of dollars to the city now the whole world jock Atlanta/ I was wondering if this was propaganda/ to get more juice than Tropicana/ Overheard this song, I was shooting a movie, I told them to stop the camera/ To say, no matter what block Atlanta/ No city can opp Atlanta/ Ever since the South had something to say, nobody can stop Atlanta/ They won’t top Atlanta/ We don’t knock Atlanta/ We got proper manners/ but the whole world know we’ll cock a hammer.”

Check out Ludacris’ “Sorry not Sorry” remix below.

[Press Play] on the track original track.

“Sorry Not Sorry” remix.


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