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Mase Drops Diddy Diss Track: Listen

The Harlem MC uses autotune on his new single, “Oracle 2: The Liberation of Mason Betha.”

Mase Appears to Diss Diddy Throughout New Song Titled “Oracle 2: The Liberation of Mason Betha”

Mase, who was one of the biggest names of Bad Boy Records back in the day, return with a new single called “Oracle 2: The Legend of Mason Betha.”

On Monday (March 14), the former Bad Boy Records artist dropped off “Oracle 2: The Liberation of Mason Betha,” a new song aimed at Diddy for exploiting the Notorious B.I.G.’s death.

“Yeah, I’m just a Harlem n***a reppin’ down a Vegas strip with my own Suge/You from Mt. Vernon, n***a, go & rep your own hood,” Mase raps. “I’m not hating on your Billi worth/Right now, I’m only saying what you really work/You ain’t no architect/You just a n***a who know how to market death.”

Listen to Mase’ new track “Oracle 2: The Liberation of Mason Betha” below.

Back in January 2020, the Harlem rapper called out his former boss for his alleged shady business practices and highlighted Diddy's recent Grammy speech as a reference for hypocrisy.

Mase took to his Instagram page to publicly express his grievances about Diddy. "I heard u loud and clear when u said that u are now for the artist and to that my response is if u want to see change you can make a change today by starting with yourself," Mase said. "Your past business practices knowingly has continued purposely starved your artist and been extremely unfair to the very same artist that helped u obtain that Icon Award on the iconic Badboy label. For example, u still got my publishing from 24 years ago in which u gave me $20k. Which makes me never want to work w/ u as any artist wouldn’t after u know someone is robbing you & tarnishing your name when u don’t want to comply w/ his horrendous business model."

He continued, detailing how he'd continue to perform and make appearances with Diddy despite barely getting anything for it because he wanted to address the issue at the right time. He then revealed details of a conversation he allegedly had with Diddy just days ago.

"I offered u 2m in cash just a few days ago to sell me back my publishing(as his biggest artist alive) that always show u respect for u giving me an opportunity at 19 yrs old," Mase writes in the post, which includes a screenshot of a recent tweet in which Meek Mill calls out record executives for the shady deals they've locked so many artists into.

"Your response was if I can match what the EUROPEAN GUY OFFER him that would be the only way I can get it back," Mase continues. "Or else I can wait until I’m 50 years old and it will revert back to me from when I was 19 years old. You bought it for about 20k & I offered you 2m in cash. This is not black excellence at all."

The speech Mase is referencing happened at Clive Davis' annual pre-Grammy gala on Saturday night (Jan. 25), where Mase actually performed as part of a tribute to Diddy as he was honored with the 2020 Grammy Salute to Industry Icons Award. In his speech, Diddy called out the Recording Academy for their perceived lack of respect for rappers and R&B singers.

“So I say this with love to the Grammys, because you really need to know this, every year y’all be killing us man. Man, I’m talking about the pain. I’m speaking for all these artists here, the producers, the executives," Diddy said. "The amount of time it takes to make these records, to pour your heart into it, and you just want an even playing field.”


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