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Master P Reportedly To Take Over Hollywood Movie Industry 2020

Master P stated 'We taking over the movie industry 2020.'

Master P Bringing His Talents To Hollywood 2020 Takeover

Master P is bringing his guerrilla marketing skills to bear as well for the movie, but this time instead of selling music from the trunk of his car, he’s harnessing social media. The movie is loaded with influencers and actors who have huge social media followings.

Master P has never been content to simply be a rapper or an actor. He’s a businessman who sees an opportunity in peak content. He and his son Romeo financed “I Got the Hook-Up 2,” and they are expecting big returns. “This is me taking what I did in music in the '90s and taking it to the movie world and saying, you know what? Let's take over. Because I tell people all the time as a minority, whether it's African Americans and Latinos, we only own 5% of ... the movie business. Five percent. We have no ownership in this.”


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