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Master P Wants to Be the Next Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers: “If You Want to Win, Bring Me In”

Master P aka Percy Miller wants to be the next coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Master P seriously wants to coach LeBron James and the Lakers

The hip hop mogul advocated for himself as the Lakers' next head coach, saying he would bring in a star-studded group of assistant coaches.

Master P would love to have the job. On Sunday (April 17),TMZ stopped the No Limit Records founder and asked if he’d be willing to take over.

They need some alpha males over there. Can't get nothing bigger than me," Master P told TMZ Sports (around the 1:30 mark). "If you want to win, bring me in. At least give it a shot because this is Hollywood. When you look at the Lakers, I know what Mr. Buss done, he thought outside the box. So, if Jeanie Buss wants to think outside the box, I'll bring some hell of assistant coaches with me like Shaq, John Lucas. I don't know if Shaq wants to do that, but if he do, we can take over."

“This Hollywood, anything can happen out here,” he replied. “I don’t know [owner and president of the Los Angeles Lakers] Jeannie Buss tell her to bring me up for an interview.”

Master P continued making his case for the gig, he suggested he’d enlist former Lakers star Shaquille O’ Neal to be his assistant coach.

While most know Master P for his rap career and business empire. He also has spent time on the training camp roster of the Charlotte Hornets and Toronto Raptors in 1999, but didn't make the roster for either team.

This isn't the first time Master P has tried up for a coaching job. A year ago, the New Orleans native said he wanted to take over the Pelicans after Stan Van Gundy's firing.

The team ultimately chose to go in another direction, as almost certainly will the Lakers. That said, it's hard to believe Master P would have done a worse job than the disaster that took place during the 2021-22 season in Los Angeles.


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