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Meek Mill Isn't Surprised About 6ix9ine Ratting

Meek Mill Isn't Surprised About 6ix9ine Reportedly Testifying Against Associate

Meek Mill comments on the latest update on 6ix9ine.

Tekashi 6ix9ine looks like he might be behind bars for a long time if he's convicted in his federal case. He isn't here to entertain us on Instagram anymore but we're constantly getting updates on his current legal situation. Earlier today, it was reported that the rainbow-haired rapper "dropped the dime" on one of his associates for the Chief Keef shooting. Unfortunately, the person he reportedly pinned to the crime is someone who was seen heavily in his early music videos, Kooda B. However, this news isn't shocking to Meek Mill who thinks 6ix9ine's scenario is a shame.


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