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54-year-old Mike Tyson and 51-year-old Roy Jones Jr. fought to a DRAW

The WBC scores it a draw for Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. #TysonJones

Mike Tyson, Roy Jones Jr. fight to a draw

The two former boxing champions, both in their 50s, met in an eight-round pay-per-view exhibition bout, billed as “Frontline Battle.”

Tyson was the aggressor throughout the fight, scoring effectively with body shots. Two hooks to the body in the fourth round appeared to hurt Jones, and Tyson backed up Jones with a strong left hook in the fifth round.

The two fighters shared a hug after the bell rang to end the eighth round.

Tyson, 54, had not fought professionally since losing to Kevin McBride in 2005. The former heavyweight champion was once considered “the baddest man on the planet


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