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Missy Elliott gives Lil Wayne his flowers: “YOU ARE LEGENDARY no matter who thinks differently”

Missy Elliott is sending a lot of light and love to the “Best Rapper Alive”

Missy Elliott gave Lil Wayne his flowers on her Twitter

Missy Elliott has paid tribute to Lil Wayne over the weekend.

It undeniable that Weezy inspired a whole generation of rappers to change the texture of hip-hop. The 40-year-old vet has adopted various trends, flows, styles throughout his 20+ year career, and many of these sounds today can be traced back to Dwayne Carter.

The five-time Grammy Award-winner praised the rapper for his “legendary status” in the game and highlighted the importance of giving people their flowers while they can smell them.

Missy took to Twitter on Sunday (November 6), to praise the New Orleans legend sharing with her 7 million Twitter followers, “@LilTunechi You have Birthed a whole generation after you & Its easy for people to acknowledge Some1’s GREATNESS when their no longer around but I want you to know YOU ARE LEGENDARY no matter who thinks differently.” Missy added. “YOUR BLUEPRINT is PRESENT!👑No debate💯💕”

Hours after shouting him out, Lil Wayne pulled up to celebrate with Missy, leaving her feeling “blessed.” She shared a video of herself sitting alongside the New Orleans native, noting her shock in the caption.

🤫🤫🤫Yall Guess who rolled up on me to help me celebrate???😭😭😭 I was so shocked because I invited him but I didn’t think he would come & he did😩🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾😍 Blessed to Be out with this LEGEND/GAMECHANGER!


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