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NAS drops video for New song ‘Big Nas’: Watch

The Queens-bred rapper shares video for new song “Big Nas”

Nas Reflects On His Life Changes In The Gravity-Defying ‘Big Nas’ Video

Nasir Jones celebrates his new partnership with MasterClass, by giving his fans new music. A Hit-Boy produced track.

The collaboration was announced on Wednesday (Oct. 6) via an Instagram post. “New music, new content, new programming/I ran the gamut/Got my hands in everything like kids with bad manners,”

Stream "Big Nas" below, and look for the MasterClass to kick off on October 14th.

“Imagine another rapper making me perspire / I got more styles and more flows, plus I’m much flyer,” he raps over the soulful beat before touting his legacy. “Big Nas, old money, new money / Rap money, tech money, flex money / What’s next, you funny.”

Nas offering online classes for students of all skill levels, boasts that their instructors are “the best in the world.


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