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NAS reflects on Tupac Shakur's Beef via Instagram “Love To The Outlawz”

Nas paying respect to the Outlawz and reflecting on East Coast-West Coast beef.

Nas Recalls Trying To Squash The East Coast/West Coast Beef With 2Pac On “Death Row East”

The Queensbridge native's has released the sequel to King’s Disease on August 6, the follow-up to the Grammy Award-winning original. The 15-track effort came with the album highlight “Death Row East,” which found the New York legend reflecting on his past beef with the late Tupac Shakur.

On Thursday (Aug 12), 'Nasir,' shared an Instagram post featuring two throwback photos of himself and Tupac Shakur, explaining they were both from the evening that spawned the song.

“The night of DEATH ROW EAST,” he wrote. “When you got a story real as mine you can’t leave nothin out. King’s Disease II Out Now. RIP KING 2PAC. Love To The Outlawz. @hitboy KD2.”

Nas raps about his complex relationship with 2Pac and Suge Knight's looming shadow on the "King's Disease II" storytelling highlight "Death Row East."

And, what happened when his brother jungle ran into 2pac, and denies a rumor regarding 2pac’s 1994 shooting at quad studios.

"I had run-ins with Suge, ni**as would've been shook," he raps, alluding to the feud between East and West. "At the height of the beef, they started Death Row East / Damn, I even saw their tees on some of my Gs / Notorious label, the story was made in the streets."

LISTEN: Nas - Death Row East


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