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New Lil Wayne and Drake Song From 'No Ceilings 3' Is Dropping

The single will land on Wayne’s upcoming mixtape, which DJ Khaled says is “coming soon.”

DJ Khaled Shares Preview of New Lil Wayne and Drake Song From 'No Ceilings 3'

DJ Khaled previews a new Weezy x Drake collaboration off No Ceilings 3, shared several snippets of the track to Instagram on Wednesday (Nov. 25) and announced that he will host the mixtape.

Lil Wayne's third entry in his No Ceilings mixtape series is officially on the way, and it would seem there's another Drake and Weezy collab on it.

"Shout out to Lil Wayne," he said in the clip, which has Drake rapping over smooth, throwback production. He then switched to another preview of Wayne rapping over a bass-heavy beat in a more rapid-fire flow. He let a little more of the Drake and Wayne reunion play in a second clip, in which he flicks his lighter on while listening to the song.

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